Global Locomotive’s CLEAR system is the first universal power solution for new or old locomotives independent of the original equipment manufacturer.

CLEAR from Global Locomotive is a solution specifically designed for rail operators who want to cost-effectively modernize their locomotive assets and achieve higher availability, higher reliability, lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs and to better meet their environmental responsibilities.

CLEAR Locomotive Power Containers replace all of the obsolete and unreliable components in a traditional GE, EMD or ALCO locomotive with a pre-tested system. The original engine, traction electrics, control systems, compressor, radiators and dynamic brakes are all replaced with their modern electronically controlled equivalents.

CLEAR offers improved economy and emissions, while allowing the reuse of existing components like platforms, cab chassis, traction motors, bogies and trucks.

As a result of its unique design, Global Locomotive CLEAR Power Containers can repower your existing fleet as well as power newly built locomotives. This interchangeability seamlessly future proofs any CLEAR investments in the existing fleet while ensuring forward compatibility with any new purchases. This can accelerate savings from fleet renewal and provide a significant short-term increase in haulage capacity.

The annual operating costs for an old locomotive are usually more than the locomotive is worth. Global Locomotive will assess your fleet economics and present your team with a proposal that will dramatically lower your input costs, and improve your profitability. We can show fuel savings of up to 50%, consumable savings of over 90% and emission reductions of greater than 80%. We will assess your existing carbon footprint to show economic emission reductions and offer alternative options for ownership and leasing.

Global Locomotive will meet with your project team, review details of your existing fleet, and then provide a detailed proposal showing the potential savings and enhancements including financial options to best meet your specific requirements. All proposals are tailored to meet your internal approval requirements with short term paybacks and high ROI’s.

Contact us for details so we can find a CLEAR solution for you.