Today, all environmentally aware individuals and corporations have sustainability aims and objectives.

Our focus at Global Locomotive is to implement real change for clients with economically justified new technology, modernizing and upgrading locomotive fleets, optimizing service regimes, increasing haulage capacity and increasing locomotive availability to move more product by rail.

Our product suite of technology allows;

  • Reuse and recycling of existing assets to maximise economic life
  • Reduced emissions with greater fuel efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption with common rail injection and AESS
  • Reduced noise and therefore increased acceptable operational capacity
  • Reduced maintenance – haul more and service less

By keeping your rolling stock assets in service for longer with higher availability, Global Locomotive can show rail operators significant savings. The CLEAR containerised power system allows a full change out within one shift, keeping the locomotive assets in revenue service and maximising fleet flexibility.

Global Locomotive investments are triple bottom line enhancing:

  • The increased performance, lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs exceed the capital cost, with payback periods generally less than 4 years.
  • The lowered emissions, energy savings and noise reduction set new environmental benchmarks.
  • The staff, company and community benefit by participating in an economic environmentally enhancing programme.

Improving sustainability is a fundamental aim which is consistent with the values of Global Locomotive.